Katambora Sunset now published

In the 1980s, an era of political turmoil sweeps over Africa, offering opportunity for those who can move with the flow—not always for the better. Among those taking advantage of shifting political alliances are international rhino poachers who begin the rapid eradication of one of Africa’s most magnificent animals for their horns, much sought-after ingredients in Chinese and Vietnamese medicine.

Colin and Annika Somerset manage a photo safari operation on behalf of the local BaTonga people in the remote Zambezi valley. The two have dedicated their lives to wildlife conservation, especially rhinos.

Threatening Colin and Annika’s happiness—and very lives—is Justin Charimba, an old enemy who has his own life ambition: the utter destruction of the Somersets.

Now a member of Zimbabwe’s dreaded 5th Brigade, Charimba exerts his influence over a large swath of land, including the Somerset’s Katambora Safari Ranch. He’s ready to move against Colin and Annika, and if he happens to profit from the deaths of their beloved rhinos, well, that makes revenge all the sweeter.

A rousing Southern African adventure novel reminiscent of Wilbur Smith’s early works, Katambora Sunset brings Rory Johnston’s Katambora trilogy to an exciting close.