Release of Katambora Rising

Hello – Today marks the release of Katambora Rising on web sites worldwide in both Print and Kindle versions. For my friends in the Netherlands, now offers Kindle version only.

Katambora Rising – The Second Safari Chronicle, following on from The Sands of Katambora  advances Colin Somerset’s quest to conserve the wilderness and wild creatures inhabiting the Zambezi Valley into the 1970s. His trials and successes on this journey make for an exciting read, especially as Rhodesia descends into a brutal civil war. Long thought imprisoned for his attack on Colin’s lodge, Justin Charimba finds a way to gain his freedom and is set for revenge against the Somerset family.

With the country at war, regional military forces turn to ivory and rhino horn poaching as a means to finance their efforts. The crucible of today’s devastation and impending drive towards extinction of species is revealed, as herds are decimated and shipped to satisfy an insatiable demand from China.

For any reader who is concerned about today’s unfolding poaching tragedy in Africa this novel is a must-read. You can easily order the book from Published Works – it will make a really great, thoughtful gift for the holidays!

Thanks so much for all your help and support – I appreciate it very much.