“We never set about writing – it just happened and before we knew it there were six books with a seventh on its way,” – Rory Johnston

Rory Johnston & Virginia Doyle

Rory Johnston and Virginia Doyle write about love and family relationships – their message of hope, love and subtle spirituality is never far from the surface. Rory’s first short story: “Growing Up in Africa – A Short Story of Self Discovery in an Age of Innocence” – was written to Virginia as a means for her to understand his spiritual background as a young man in Africa. Their first co-work: “It Happened at Squeedunc Plantation” – tells the story of how their love evolved and matured over a period of twenty-five years. “A Major Hoodwink – How a Royal Scot outwitted a German General” – is an account of Rory’s parent’s love story and his father’s exploits in World War II. Rory then wrote “The Sands of Katambora”- a thrilling tale of a young man in Africa taking a failing hunting safari operation to a successful photographic safari business and model for conservation. This was followed by the second novel in the series, “Katambora Rising” – although based in former more innocent times the story has real relevance in today’s world of ivory and rhino horn poaching and loss of habitat. Last in the trilogy “Katambora Sunset” brings home the utter devastation the rhino poachers are bringing to a species that have existed on this planet for eons.

Rory and Virginia invite you to share their world and their experiences through their writing – “We dedicate our message to lovers around the world. Be bold and grasp what you have with both hands and do not let go.”

Seen here are Rory and Virginia on safari in Africa, where they met and still travel to several times a year. Leopard Rock Lodge at Madikwe Game Reserve plays a pivotal part in “It Happened at Squeedunc Plantation.” It also serves as an inspiration for Rory’s new novels “The Sands of Katambora”, “Katambora Rising” and “Katambora Sunset” – three thrilling novels about safari life in Africa.

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